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FaceCode is an online video interview platform that lets you evaluate developer skills in real time, no matter where you are.
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Sachin Gupta
Sachin GuptaMaker@sachingupta006 · Co-founder, HackerEarth
Hi Everyone, I am Sachin Gupta, the co-founder/CEO at HackerEarth. We believe technical recruiting is broken because it's full of human bias. We thought it shouldn't be that hard that's why we built we built an online assessment software that would allow developers to express themselves in a language they are most comfortable with - code. Our belief is that every person has the ability to change this world, they just need the right opportunity and the right platform. We believe we are doing our bit by helping programmers express themselves and their skills in a very objective manner. Continuing our effort to bridge the gap between hiring managers and developers we have launched FaceCode - a remote video interviewing software. Now candidates can take interviews from anywhere and at any time while still in the comfort of an IDE environment. About FaceCode FaceCode is an online interviewing platform that lets you conduct remote video interviews to evaluate the programming skills of candidates without compromising on the interviewing experience. Benefits of using FaceCode for your tech interviews - Real-time code editor to conduct effective technical interviews - Provide candidates an environment that makes them comfortable - Run high-quality video interviews - Provide a holistic interview experience with a user-friendly UI/UX - Maintain consistency of interview process across multiple interviewers - Standardize your phone screen process - Integrates with your ATS Would love to get feedback!
Danie Lynch
Danie Lynch@tai_le · Highly effective management skills
Karthik@karthik24 · Innovation Facilitator
Recruit is very useful to scale up the hiring process. Face Code eases up the remote interviewing experience with live code editor and really cool User Interface along with cutting down various costs and time.
Saurabh Av
Saurabh Av@aliasav · Co-Founder at Preadr
A very useful product, makes it easier to conduct coding interviews. Got sick of using google docs for conducting interviews.
Mohamed Tahboub
Mohamed Tahboub@mohamed_tahboub · Founder @ Leadcart.io
I like the idea behind this product. Will use in the future.