Chat anonymously with your friends

#3 Product of the DayMay 22, 2019
FaceCat is an indie messenger for discussions with friends:
1) Create open multiuser chats easily
2) Wait for friends to join
3) Post secrets anonymously
4) Have fun!
Identities are hidden and data is encrypted!
Victor Khodalov
Alexander Tkachenko
Carlo Morandi
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  • Pros: 

    I love the idea of anonymous chats and that the team made it quite simple and easy to use.


    I'd like to discover more active and relevant chats with different.

    I tried it few months ago and still open FaceCat few times per month because I find it funny to chat anonymously sometimes just to have fun. Well done and keep working!

    Alexander Tkachenko has used this product for one month.
Hi Product Hunters! Super happy to share with you FaceCat, a very simple way to chat anonymously with your friends 😃
Thank you very much @carlo_morandi94 FaceCat is an attempt to bring a little bit diversity and coolness on communication field, so if app will start to grow – we a ready to implement tons of ideas and cool features. Also this project made as a hobby (thats why indie), but if there are any business opportunities (we also have stickers technology with AI autogenerator) feel free to contact me on contact@face.cat
Are you sure "My coworker blames me for harassing her. What should I do to stop her and save my reputation and work?" is the topic you want to go with for _the main screenshot??_ #cancelled
@kevinjdolan, thanks for pointing that out, it is really not the best example of anonymity use case. Not sure we are going to change it here, but we will replace the screenshot at appstore with the next app update.
I just need to have this!