Stock photos of real people for mockups and presentations

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$35 is steep IMO. @chad_fullerton shared uiFaces (http://www.uifaces.com) yesterday: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/... It's free and supposedly people pictured gave permission to be used freely.
Came across this a while back, and used it for avatars in some product screenshots.
@rrhoover yup, saw uiFaces which reminded me about Facebox. I actually like uiFaces more for use in mock avatars, because they seem like they actually are people's avatars (so they fit better when using them in this case).
Ya, can't beat the free pricetag on uiFaces. Also if you click a face, it brings up different sizes you can use and also does rounded corners, etc. for you. Much nicer.
I'm sure my FB friends would laugh at the # of times I use their faces in stuff I make. It's also free b/c they don't know (or likely care).