Facebook Stories for Google Chrome

View your friends' Facebook Stories in the browser

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View your friends' Facebook Stories in the browser* *But don't actually, as no one uses them.
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By the way @calialec, I'm just playing. Good plugin and good idea, I'm sure some will love it. Though, it's not for me. Keep making stuff!
@darylginn Ha, you're totally right though! I never hunted it on PH because no one really uses FB Stories. My last hack for Messenger Day (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) was web based and relied on an official Facebook App Key which was shutdown by Facebook, so I thought I would take the same approach as my Chrome IG Story extension for this one because Facebook can't really shut it down this way (unless they request a removal from the Chrome Web Store).
I like this tool! WIll help me find friends I need to talk about why they still use Facebook Stories
Surely, this will get people to use Facebook Stories. I mean... Chrome IS the world's most popular browser, and nobody has the Facebook app on their phone.
@nivo0o0 *raises hand* am I the only one?
@andy9775 must be. I have no seen anyone else use the Facebook application on their smartphone (sarcastic of course) 😜
@andy9775 @nivo0o0 I don't use it (not sarcastic). I actually dislike using anything in mobile, except when forced (messaging when away from a desktop). :p
@nivo0o0 none of my friends use FB Stories... they use Messenger Day a little more, but they're definitely all using IG Stories and Snapchat. It was hard testing while building the extension because there were no stories available lol.
@nivo0o0 @alfredbaudisch I get what you mean. I have to delete it, but then then I'll never go on FB.
not gonna install this to watch the stories of one person
@rashiq not gonna use fb for something other than occasionally logging into certain apps! 😂
Nice hack 👏🏼
@rrhoover Thanks ☺️