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Looks like Facebook is following Amazon and creating a local services review/rating service like Angie's list. Very interesting move... and very smart to get small/local biz to up their FB game.
@jsneedles Will locals actually use this to find service providers, that's the real question. Facebook is known for keeping in touch with your friends, that's it. That's not changing anytime soon. I'm not convinced this will get broad usage unless they re-brand -- but I guess depends on how heavily they promote it within the core FB product.
@drewmeyers @jsneedles I think a lot of people keep up with their friends and they are local. I know I've asked things like "Ugh, can't find a mover... who have you used?" to my friends... FB organizing & collecting these responses and ideas with your context = golden. I remember @eriktorenberg tweeting something like this too... would you have used FB?
Very interesting product, although I'm more interested in its implications on startups that are operating in the exact same field, i.e. "Find local businesses and chat/communicate with them".
I think this is a very interesting way for them to collate all their places pages but I don't think the execution was the best... so many things they can improve starting with the UX followed by their SEO....
Could you develop personal AI assistant to manage my information from Fb Twitter YouTube Google etc? I think I can pay for it.
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