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Should this be working? I don't seem to be able to perform a search the way their landing page suggests.
@maxisnow It's not working on mine either... maybe it's a slow rollout.
@maxisnow @webjoe Based on what I read, I think they are pushing a new iOS build (client side changes needed to make it work). So when you see an app update, that's probably when it will work (check release notes).
@webjoe @maxbulger Yea I saw the iOS note, but they also claimed it was Desktop web too. Maybe it is just a slow rollout.
These updates will be rolled out to iPhone and Desktop (en_US locale). We will start rolling it out to Android and other locales once we feel like the product is in a great spot. The Desktop rollout will happen over the next couple of weeks, so you might not have it just yet. If you're in the right locale, you should be able to play with the new features on iPhone by downloading the latest FB app from the app store!
Hey All, My name is Rousseau Kazi, and I was the PM on these new search features. Happy to answer any questions!
@rousseaukazi Thanks for jumping in here and giving us some clarification! Glad you're here. :)
Finally. looks well done too