Facebook Scrapbook

Organize Photos of Your Child on Facebook

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This product is reaaaaally interesting; Facebook's definitely trying to capitalize on the parents that already memorialize everything about their children online. That said, it makes me feel a bit icky. I *know* it's inevitable to an extent that parents upload basically every step of their child's life online, but how does that child handle that online identity when they grow up and are aware of it? The child has no choice in the matter. In the old days, baby photo albums were hidden away in a house at your home so at least you had the choice to show some to your friends for fun, but now it's there, online, for everyone to see. It's weird to me. But as I say, probably inevitable.
@ow well, it's already happening, as you say. Parents are already tagging their kids, so it's not like the behavior is new. What does seem new and interesting is the collaborative aspect of this... essentially Facebook gets better and richer data by involving parents in the data harvesting and collection process. I'm sure there will be a "coming of age" feature in Facebook someday for all these kids where they'll be able to decide their digital life fate, but that doesn't exist yet. For now, we're in a phase of "collect all the datas!"; later we'll figure out what human rights go along with that scenario. Maybe millennials are more savvy, and grow up with an expectation of publicness (within a limited cohort) anyway. Maybe they'd prefer to have this stuff saved; whatever, it's normal; all the kids have these "scrapbooks" that their parents made for them. Tell you what though, this is really bad news for Scancafe and Ancestry.com! :)
@chrismessina I actually wondered about some sort of 'coming of age' feature, which would certainly be possible with smart tagging and facial recognition. Maybe it's something we'll see one day. Funnily enough, I thought the same thing about Scancafe and Ancestry... though Facebook's version is much better :)
Super interesting. This would be an amazing design project to work on:
I wish I could be the Tin Foil wearing privacy troll in this chat, but I like the idea. I guess I have one concern, and that's over the photos. I'm hopeful that in the time from now until when that child is an adult, Facebook doesn't change their policy and continues to allow them to export the photos as full-resolution. Honestly, I feel like this is something that Google+ would've done, first, as I love their photo management capabilities. I guess we can expect Google to follow with a tear-jerker of a video included!