Facebook Photo Book by Pastbook

All your Facebook moments, in a beautiful photo book

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Hey Hunters! Stefano here, founder and CEO at PastBook - the most easy way to relive your memories in a photo book. Last December we launched My Year app here, bringing our frictionless experience of photo books creation from web to mobile, and its great success validated that it was the right move. We received plenty of great feedback after that launch (thanks!) and that’s how PastBook for Facebook App was born - finally allowing you to set any custom time range of your timeline and turn it into a beautiful photo book, with one easy tap. This is just the first step: we’re already working on all the other features you asked about (i.e. support FB Pages and Groups, PayPal payments and more). Plus - a version for Instagram is around the corner. So stay tuned and please keep sharing your thoughts with us so we can keep helping you to preserve and relive your memories in the best way possible.
UH! This is what I was looking for! Slick design!
By far the best app to transform your Facebook photo stream into a book.
Very nice... I have 2 kids and time flies. Being able to capture those moments is precious. I have been following Pastbook for years now and this product rocks!