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Hey there, I'm Iheanyi! I'm the Maker of Facebook Page Unliker, thanks @_jacksmith for posting it! Feel free to AMA.
@kwuchu Oh cool! Headsup, looks like ublock (an adblocker) removes the facebook signin button so I didn't see it :P
@SapanBhuta Really? I use uBlock on my computer, it didn't block it for me. Huh, that's strange. Thanks for the heads up.
Chrome extension!
@blaurenceclark I'll see what I can do!
This is great. Obviously, my interests (motivations, & understanding) of pages on Facebook evolves. I discovered I liked 276 Pages using this!! 276? That's absurd. Now it's down to about 50. Interested to see how my Facebook experience evolves/improves off the back of this. At first, I was disappointed by the UI, but actually it's simple & fast to use.
@isaacsrda Thanks for the thorough critique! I was actually wondering how to make the UI more aesthetically pleasing, but then I realized this is one of the cases where I shouldn't always worry about how it looks if it does what it is supposed to do well.
@kwuchu Cool site! Can one deploy this to Heroku for personal use / for friends? Do you plan to host one yourself?
@SapanBhuta Yep! This site is actually hosted on Heroku. Additionally, I've open-sourced the application (https://github.com/iheanyi/faceb...), so you can deploy it to your own server if you wish, although you'd have to create your own app.