Facebook Memos

Remember how you met your Facebook friends

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My most common note will be: Don't really know this person, feel obliged to accept Haha 😛
@bentossell haha good one!
Thanks for the hunt @kibaekr! I'm one of the makers of Facebook Memos. It took me and my friends 12 hours to execute from an idea to come up with this product! So here’s the story. I was having a dinner with my friends and told them a random idea that I had. It was really nothing special - I just needed an app where I could write a memo on my FB friend’s profile so that I can remember who they are… My friends were facing the same issues which had led us to have our own mini-hackathon =) Facebook Memos is very simple to use: 1. You can add or edit a note from your friend’s profile 2. You can view your note from your friend’s profile, friends list, and when you hover over friend’s profile. It will be very useful if you have too many FB friends and/or have difficulty remembering them all. We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions! Reviews are always appreciated <3
@growingpark @kibaekr I remember when this was a built-in feature of Facebook. I really wish they'd left it in - but now, I have something even better!
Facebook Memos is a fun way to leave creative memos on your friends and remember how you met them!
@kibaekr thanks for hunting us Keith! =)
@juyoung_hong thank you so much =)