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Facebook competing for the "what's happening now" use case the same as Twitter, Snapchat, Meerkat, and Periscope. Intuition might make you think this would hurt those companies but it could have the opposite effect by making people more aware and accustomed to livestreaming. What do you think, @benrbn, @kayvz, @justmadhu, @evanspiegel?
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@rrhoover also has a live news application. Twitter needs to catch up. Vine and Periscope are too separate.
@rrhoover i love it 😍 One of the things I've always been envious of FB for is their timeline algorithm. Take this function, of what should be on top, and implement it in a live product for "what should be pushed" and you get very addictive selective push notifications that are highly tailored for you. Happy day for FB ✌🏻️
I'm not seeing it in my iOS app yet, can't wait to go live!
@torbahax “This feature isn’t available to everyone right now." https://www.facebook.com/help/16...
Just saw this announcement in an article on The Next Web Facebook entering the live-video space.. looks pretty slick - I wonder how much signal vs noise there will be on my feed because of this. iPhone users can get access today and Android next year. https://www.facebook.com/faceboo... @Lavrusik & @thait I can imagine today is busy but would love for you to tell us more 😃
US only it seems. The US-centric view of the world continues at Facebook.
@jameskoole Not really - I've been included in the A/B testing for the Collages for months now - really enjoying it! Such a nice option to share travel memories and make a day 'special'! Beautifully made and especially love the effect of the videos auto-starting in between the images. So neat!
@anthonymonori The Next Web story indicates US only for the live video feature: "The feature appears to be largely the same as the one that was part of Facebook’s Mentions app for verified users, but with the ability for anyone to use it — provided you’re in the US for now."
@jameskoole You are right with that statement, but this "hunt" is not only about the Live Video feature, but the Collage feature as well - and for that your statement does not stand correct; as I said, I've been using it for months and I'm outside of the US and not associated with FB.
This just goes to show that none of these companies are the clear leaders in the live video segment
@samsabri Yep, and I would think FB could dominate this feature!
@tnims Although they have failed at trying to dominate other people's space in the past. But maybe because of LIVE mentions feed, it warmed up their users