Facebook Live API

Build immersive and interactive live video experiences

The most underrated announcement from F8. This could be bigger than bots honestly.
@benln Agreed!
@benln You are totally right !
With all the buzz around FB's bot engine, I think the Live API is the killer product here because live video is so accessible. As a developer i could never get into Periscope, and I tried to hack something with Meerkat but it was read-only. I predict awesome, addicting stuff that has been lacking from live video, and at massive scale.
@joshbarkin are you still working on live steaming related project?
@joshbarkin are you still working on live steaming related project?
Directly from Facebook: "Today, we’re introducing the Facebook Live API, a new way for developers and publishers to join forces to build immersive and interactive live video experiences on Facebook. With the Live API, media organizations can seamlessly incorporate Live into their existing broadcast setup and also create new ways to interact with their viewers. The Live API also makes it possible for device manufacturers to integrate Live directly into their latest video products. In the short time since we’ve rolled out Facebook Live to people and publishers around the world, we’ve seen incredible adoption, creativity and engagement. Media organizations are inventing new formats on Facebook and experimenting with ways to create more engaging experiences with their audiences. We’ve been inspired by the innovation we’ve seen so far, and we know it’s only the beginning."
I don't understand why they have to make building things like this so complex. The person who makes a user friendly interface to work with the Facebook API, will be huge! Please do it.
I've been using FB Live a lot.. and the feedback has been incredible. I feel like this is the amount of reach my page is actually supposed to get! haha Here's a GIF of a recent broadcast we did.