Facebook Instant Games

Play games right inside Facebook Messenger

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Much of Facebook's initial engagement and monetization came from games. Interesting to see them bring games to Messenger. Who's down to play PAC-MAN!? I'm on Facebook.
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@rrhoover challenge accepted.
@rrhoover can you beat my 8,790 points? ;)
A month or 2 behind Telegram
For everyone's reference: Telegram Gaming Platform
@rrhoover Haven't used telegram in a while, didn't knew that was a thing!
@ddulic92 that was my thought. Slowly messengers are replacing the web browser.
@chrismessina Sadly, messenger* seems to be replacing everything, which is both good and bad, depending on your perspective. People are giving too much "power" to facebook in my opinion :/
One step closer to an implicit web. A world of apps that present themselves based on your context. The end of the app store as we know it is nigh.
This is awesome! If you're a game developer submit your game here: https://www.facebook.com/help/co...
I'm on the latest Android OS, don't see the option... :/
@jckiker Same here. It's probably not out in all the countries/on all the Facebook profiles yet.