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#4 Product of the DayDecember 17, 2015

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UPDATE: I wrote a little something about this http://authorcloud.co/from-idea-... Hi makers. I've used to spent too much time on facebook and was looking for a way to minimize it. I realized, that I visit facebook too often because there is always something new, but mostly it's stories from people and pages I don't follow. But these stories appear on my news feed because my friends liked them. Having my news feed cluttered like that, I often miss stories from friends themselves. Yesterday I developed this simple Chrome Extension, that hide all stories that are not directly from your friends or pages you follow. As a result of it, I already stopped visiting facebook so often, it's enough to visit once, twice a day and I don't miss anything important from my friends. It's free, try it out and let me know if it helped you be less obsessed with facebook. Oh btw, It took me 24h from idea to finished product on ProductHunt. If at least 5 people here or on twitter would request to have this on Safari, I will do it! :) EDIT: the story about this extension just got on The Next Web http://thenextweb.com/facebook/2... EDIT2: working on Safari extension now. EDIT3: Safari extension is ready http://foxvalleyapps.com/friends...
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@jurajivan Yes, please. I would love it to be available on Safari!
@jurajivan Another vote for Safari please! And thank you for creating this great extension!
@jurajivan funny headline in that article :)
@jurajivan Happy to hear that you decided to make a Safari extension as well! Looking forward giving it a shot!
In other words... what I'd prefer Facebook to be... (well a step toward anyway haha) Such a cool extension but makes me question why I haven't had a spring clean of my 'friends' in a while...
@bentossell Or a positive step backward to what it used to be.
Basically it downgrades Facebook to what it used to be. Brilliant!
I deleted the Facebook app from my phone last year for this reason. I used to check it multiple times a day and most of it was garbage. Now I just check once on my iPad at night. This extension, plus cutting down on my friends list and 'liked' pages in general, have helped my sanity.
Just passing by to say: "Thanks :)".