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Once again the Mailclark team nailed it with a killer feature: manage all your Facebook page conversations inside your Slack team. They were one of the first to implement the newly announced "Dropdown" menu feature on Slack. Hope you like it :)
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Hi everyone! We’re happy to introduce you to MailClark’s latest feature: "Facebook for Slack". We have built this new integration to help businesses keep track of all their messages, no matter the platform—Email, Twitter or Facebook 🔌 Thanks to MailClark, messages sent to a Facebook page can now posted in real-time to a Slack channel, where they will be answered. Your team will never miss a message again (especially as you can connect as many Facebook pages as you want to your Slack team). Give it a try, it's so easy: Add MailClark to Slack, invite him to your preferred channel and click the ‘Facebook’ button. As MailClark keeps improving every day, we’d love to hear your thoughts! PS: Many thanks to Nicolas, our favorite hunter!
Another great one from this 🔥 team! Keep on changing the game guys 👏
@matthieudeluze 😊 thank you Matthieu! We have a lot in store indeed to make our bot a real game-changer 🤖💪
The Mailclark team has yet again built up a fast & useful solution to simplify the laborious process of communicating with the outside world for teams that mostly rely on slack. Keep up the great work guys !
@pauladw We're very happy to have you as a valued client, Paul!
This is cool. Consolidating communication down through one platform in a visible way (especially if it's the platform your team is already using) is a win for everyone. Nice work.
@aaronykng Thanks for the kind words, Aaron! We'll keep consolidating and going into that direction 👍