Facebook Creative Hub

A new way to create & preview mockups for ads with Facebook

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The Facebook Creative Hub is now available to the entire marketing community worldwide. Facebook outlined that the Creative Hub will allow advertisers to play with different ad formats for both online and mobile use. This will give advertisers the opportunity to preview their ads and present it to stakeholders before pushing them live. Previews will be available via a URL. The preview tool will also allow you to mock up your ads and view them in different device formats – giving you a much better idea of how users will perceive your ads across desktop, mobile, and tablet.
Looks pretty interesting, will give it a shot :)
What about your ad when it lands on a Facebook Audience Network native ad? Those are the most tricky to visualize since there aren't much guidelines there
Total game changer for the digital marketing folks...will save our team hours!
I just played with this a bit and it looks amazing. Great job Facebook!