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looks like another version of https://www.modernapp.co/ ?
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@yulian_ustiyanovych looks like they do a lot more and have paid options too. We just offer a way for site owners to use Facebook Messenger as a chat widget on websites and it's totally Free.
@saijo_george so, you mean u will not charge at all? What is your business model than?
@yulian_ustiyanovych this was just a fun project for us. All it does is provided a wrapper for FB messenger, we have no plans to charge people to use that. A couple of line of code and anyone can do it, we just provided an easy way to generate the code. That is all.
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@saijo_george I use wordpress so there's not naturally a HTML file but instead various .php files, where do you suggest I place the widget code to test it out? Thanks!
@trellwest just add the code to a new widget and it should work fine
Funnily enough, a few weeks ago I spent some time exploring different ways to do this. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's a way to hold an actual conversation in a chat box on the actual page of the site. This service gets around that by opening a popup. If you'd prefer to make a different trade-off, then you can get an on-page chat box where the site visitor can only send 1 message. Here's the demo I made: https://nathangathright.github.i...
@nathang that is awesome.
@nathang the demo isn't opening. Can you pls check it?
@nathang Looks good. Something that I've built: https://messengerify.me
@gijo_varghese Yeah, I noticed your version too. Nice trick with covering up the top of the FB Page plugin. I'd recommend adjusting your layout on mobile. Mine works similar to Intercom on mobile.
I really like this tool from @saijo_george - it lets you add a Facebook Messenger chat widget to your site so you can talk to your customers on a platform they probably already use.
I made this a long time ago at http://struck.io/messenger
@derekbtw You mentioned lightweight on the site. Can you explain a step or two deeper?
@manikarthik Of course! It all works by just including a 1.38 KB (minified) JS file and a 2.5 KB CSS file to your website. It comes with an icon template (PSD) where you can customize it with your own logo (iOS or Android version.) That's what I mean by 'lightweight.' Your browser only downloads a very small amount of data.
@derekbtw Sweet! Thanks Derek.
@derekbtw thanks Derek, will check it out soon.