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This may be the beginning of the end for Facebook.
@chrismessina seriously? I'm actually interested in this… To add context: Slack is great, but Facebook could serve larger companies and also serve us for more things than just chat/notifications.
@willimholte in the sense that identity becomes 10x harder to manage on FB, that's what I mean. I have 10+ Google accounts for all the different companies I'm involved in--switching contexts all the time is necessary but a pain the ass. Imagine you had to pick your professional/personal context every time you wanted to share something... and imagine doing that exclusively on your mobile device and/or via voice commands. It gets complex very quickly.
@chrismessina Yup that totally makes sense. Is it a forgone conclusion that Facebook will fuck that up though? (I'm leaning towards yes, I manage a company and personal Facebook account and it is a pain to remember which one I'm using/if I had to use both a ton I'd make lots of mistakes.)
@willimholte @chrismessina I'm in the same camp, I don't believe that users will accept the context switch unless they've already been using Facebook for work purposes. I quite liked Tom Bice's (@tombice) article on VB: http://venturebeat.com/2014/12/1...
@willimholte having worked on Google identity and being familiar with the insanity that can result from juggling numerous account contexts, I worry when big companies externalize the tools that work well for them internally, but don't really need to deal with the complexities of real life, as in people who are subcontractors, freelancers, or consultants. It's not that Facebook shouldn't necessarily do this (I hope it pushes Google to improve their Work products), it's just that I really appreciated the clarity of Facebook's one-account-per-person approach, and this may muddle that.
I used to work at Facebook, here's how we used Facebook for work. 1. Groups - you have a group for every project, and some meta things like "new hires". This means you always have a full history of the project, and a single place to post new things. Email threads suck. 2. Messaging - work email is always this sort of dull / slow medium for communication. Recently we have stuff like Slack, but it's nice when it's integrated into the actual work social network. 3. Profiles - you actually know what each person does at the company, on the same platform where you are reading their messages / posts. This isn't a competitor to LinkedIn. It is not a social network for connections outside of work. It is for connections inside of work. It is meant to greatly improve internal communication.
As a corporate shill for a long time my only response is "what took them so long"? Yeah, it's a lot more complex on user management than most people can handle. But I've seen some really really bad products used inside companies. It'll be better and maybe separate the bottom %5 :)
Looks very interesting. Makes managing facebook apps and pages much easier since right now you have to friend employees to do that. Anyone get access to it yet?
This makes a lot of sense, I'm excited for where Facebook takes this. I think they could start taking Linkedin on in multiple areas. Creating more competition.