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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
So, is this Facebook's version of Steam? Windows only?
Pierre-Marie Galite
Pierre-Marie Galite@tsunaze · mobile developer & advice giver
@chrismessina Didn't see that coming, I haven't played for a very long time 😅. But games are a big part of Facebook (Don't know if FarmVille still exists though). An it also can be a great way to bring Oculus Rift to consumers.
Nick Coates
Nick Coates@gadgick · Full stack developer & designer
@chrismessina Am surprised they've focused on just Windows, but couldn't agree more with @tsunaze about how this could be a great way to bring Oculus to people.
Hoan Do
Hoan Do@hoandesign · UX Designer, PPCLINK MOBILE
@gadgick @chrismessina @tsunaze It's only a surprise on a site of Mac people. :))
Arielle Baldwynn
Arielle Baldwynn@davidbaldwynn
@chrismessina probably due to the fact that most gamers are still on windows
Antonio Flores
Antonio Flores@contactdailycam · Hottest new social network "Dailycam"
@chrismessina gotta sec?
Michael Cozzolino
Michael Cozzolino@cozzolino76 · UPS and Indie Game Developer
Seems kind of like Why? These look like casual games. Do casual players want to download another thing? Whats the benefit?