Facebook Arcade

A new way to play games with Facebook

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So, is this Facebook's version of Steam? Windows only?
@chrismessina Didn't see that coming, I haven't played for a very long time 😅. But games are a big part of Facebook (Don't know if FarmVille still exists though). An it also can be a great way to bring Oculus Rift to consumers.
@chrismessina Am surprised they've focused on just Windows, but couldn't agree more with @tsunaze about how this could be a great way to bring Oculus to people.
@gadgick @chrismessina @tsunaze It's only a surprise on a site of Mac people. :))
@chrismessina probably due to the fact that most gamers are still on windows
Seems kind of like Why? These look like casual games. Do casual players want to download another thing? Whats the benefit?