Facebook Ads Manager iOS

Manage and create Facebook Ads on the go

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This is how Facebook will create millions of new SMB advertisers. Back in January 2013 we launched the first version of our Facebook Ads iOS product for the very same reason: small business owners don't have time to sit at a desktop computer all day, but they do have smartphones and tablets to run their businesses. By providing a very simple way for small business owners (most who are already on Facebook) the ability to run ad campaigns from the palm of their hand, Facebook has opened up a market of 25 million new potential advertisers. Along with this app Facebook also announced that they just passed 2 million total advertisers. This is up from 1.5 million in Q2/Q3 2014.....just six months ago. Very exciting space to be in right now and it will only continue to grow. Excited to be working alongside of FB to bring this vision to reality and to finally see mobile getting the attention it deserves when it comes to paid media management. Beautiful app, very well executed!
FYI, this is also the first complete app I've seen built entirely with React native: https://twitter.com/ilyasu/statu...
Is there a way to create a mobile install ad on the new app?
@harryraymond No only website click, page post engagement, and location-based campaigns.