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So many creative possibilities with this announcement
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Not sure how often consumers will use as most don't have the right equipment to capture these videos, but great for #brands that want to create unique content. Here's a cool example of Facebook 360 looking over New York.
@rrhoover You don't need any special equipment for the 360 photos on Facebook. Any panoramic pic will convert automatically.
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@rrhoover Google Street App for iOS and Android both create 360 photospheres. However more time consuming than a one click 360 cam for sure.
@pfanis @rrhoover So long to do it though
@pfanis @rrhoover Also photosphere images. Results are pretty good too.
@rrhoover If you don't have a 360 camera, I suggest using these apps to create 360 photos: - iPhone or iPad camera panorama mode - Samsung Galaxy's panorama mode or surround shot mode (full 360) - Street View - Google Camera (Android) - Cardboard Camera (Android) - 360 Panorama by Occipital (iOS) Also, a list of sweet 360 cameras that we support: https://facebook360.fb.com/learn...
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The one little feature that might get overlooked but is immensely cool is the little directional icon that moves as you pan around the image, indicating bearing. It's very useful: https://twitter.com/jasonsalas/s...
This is really impressive. It also renders Google Photosphere Images really nicely.
The way this works is actually amazing. I wouldn't mind if my whole news feed was filled up with this, though I would spend way too much time on Facebook again if it happened