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Video meetups for online communities (PH room password meow)

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Hello Product Hunt! Join us all day today in the #product-hunt room for an online meetup. The password is 'meow'. We built a simple online video meetup tool for online communities. It lets you have one-to-one video calls with other attendees. It's a minimal product we'd like to continue building according to community needs. We'd love to hear your feedback, both here and face to face in the #product-hunt room!
I just tried this and had a great quick chat with @gozdeaksay & @cagriaksay. I love the simplicity & the overall concept, this is the one thing that I personally missed in online communities, an easy way to have a quick video chat with someone else in the community. So, so cool!
Just had my first face-to-face... Very interesting concept. I wonder how the use cases will evolve... Seems like it could get super niche super quick, which would be so cool! Maybe add the option to enable push notifications when someone new joins a room you'd like to "follow" Prime feedback would be a bit better Onboarding/tutorial about how it works.
@jsneedles yeah, I tend to agree, I would also like to be able to set "office hours" in which I'm available in certain rooms without the app being open & would get push notifications if someone is calling me. :) that'd be super useful for a lot of people who do office hours via Skype right now but could be using face2face. :)
Can't pass the "Please enter your email" screen? Tried to re-install the app but that didn't work..
@liamtjoa That's interesting, I'll dm you right away.