Face Swap Live

Swaps faces in live video with friends or photos

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this is our latest app Face Swap Live (first one in a couple years) which uses some crazy face detection stuff under the hood to find a face and its features. We can detect multiple faces at once in a live camera feed at decent FPS but we are limited the number of faces detected to just 2 (for now) -- so you can just point the camera at you & a friends and watch your faces get swapped live. You can also swap with photos where you can put your face in the photo or wear it as a mask.
@tadwook this is greatl! I'd love to chat about potentially partnering up - shoot me an email if you're interested in working with an entertainment brand: baily.hancock@omd.com
This looks awesome.
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv! We hope you have fun with it!
I believe that I traumatized my son with this - thank you!
Love the idea! What is your current demographic that has been using the app? Do you worry about Snapchat mimicking the same concept?
@jjrichardtang Snapchat started the trend. A lot of teams use opensource solutions to build the same apps. I've discovered http://msqrd.me who invented their own crossplatform face tracking and face placement technology. Seems like they have the best quality in the market.
@jjrichardtang we really made this a "catch-all" / utility app -- yes there is ton of face detection tech hitting the market and i think you will see it incorporated in to existing apps (i.e. snapchat) and video streaming and the like -- we really see this as a content creation tool (i.e. we put in a face vertex editor, internet image search, etc) -- so you can basically take any image and turn it into a mask - plus you have the mode to swap with multiple faces on the screen at once and we are working on many additional features
Scary, but cool. @tadwWhat are the chances Hangout will buy your app to incorporate into their "effects" ?