Fabulous is a science-based app, incubated in Duke's Behavioral Economics Lab, that will help you build healthy rituals into your life, just like an elite athlete.

"And I have used Fabulous a week. She‘s like my spiritual mentor, teach me, motivate me every moring, afternoon and night in an effective way. You are the protagonist of this journey."

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I appreciate what Fabulous is trying to do, and I think this direction is actually really interesting. However, bundling "you agree to our TOS by continuing" with the CTA for setting a wake-up time, or using weirdly-worded false choice options ("Yes I want to succeed" for enabling notifications) inherently makes me distrust the intentions and motivations of the app. It feels psychologically manipulative in an opaque way, whereas something like this should - in my opinion - edge towards transparency.




Feels a little snake-oil'y / creepy

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Arman, the end goal is helping people change their behavior and we have data that shows that enabling notification will help you achieve your goals, so we're using an idea from behavioral economics called Active Choice, where the positive choice is presented in a good light in order to encourage the person to do that. If your goal was to start exercising, and I use ideas from behavioral economics to help you with that, would that feel like manipulating? I won't call that a manipulation but rather a Nudge toward good behavior. A good example of that is putting water bottle in a visible space and hiding sodas in order to nudge more employers toward the positive choice for their health. Regarding TOS, we're just following the standard set up by other apps. It was the only place we could put it since we don't have a Register screen and it wouldn't be a good idea to put it in a screen by itself.
Congratulations on launching iOS version. I love the design, but I can't understand the functionality. Is the main value of the app is in weekly/daily letters? I would love to be able to create my own habits and routines with my own steps like you can do it on https://tinygain.com/.
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@ziggycrane Thanks Ziggy! On the high level Fabulous is a habit forming companion, and the way we approach habit forming is more like a journey rather than just a nagging tool, and letters (like what you mentioned) helps to understand why certain things are recommended to do in certain way, as well as filling up the users with scientifically proven information. You can absolutely create your own habits and your own routines (we called it Ritual), hope it works for you! :)
This looks really interesting. I am super interested in adult habit changing. Most people get stuck in their ways, or think that their brain is no longer a sponge. But with good design and good incentives, anyone can change their habits. Looks really great.
@willam_woodhead Thanks William! We are definitely strong believer in beautiful design can help in behavioral change, or at least for initial acceptance. And based on our users feedback, we see a lot of huge positive changes from them, which is something we are very interested in and will continue to do more to contribute in this space :)

A habit coach with amazing guidance. Like a great friend that reminds you how good it feels to reach your goals and how to get back up when you fall.


Very thorough step by step guidance to retrain your brain and beat procrastination with a scientific approach.



I have friends who've been using it as well and have loved what it's helped them accomplish
It's felt exactly like that kind of support system for me too. I finally have a sustainable exercise routine in place because it just made committing to it so simple for me.
No iPhone X support ;(
@migueljohn_ On it :) We have to do some migration and tweaks for it, but soon it will have X support.