Stock Footage + Amazing Editors = Great Startup Videos

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Thank you @mslagh for hunting us! We’re Fabulist and we make videos for startups using creative editors and stock footage. We felt like 1) there was no straightford pricing model in the video world 2) price & quality aren't linked properly 3) animated explainer videos suck. We’re running a deal on our entry level product, The MVP ($499), for Product Hunters: PH-LOVE will get you a $100 discount. Feel free to reach out either here or on our website; we’ll be here all day :) -Matt
Just signed up. Pretty excited about this idea. Been thinking I wish there was a way to quickly test a concept with an audience. This seems like the way to get something quality out in the wild quickly. Stoked to try this out Matthew! - Jarod from Twilio
@jreyesdesign Thanks for the kindness! That's a great idea for another vertical. We'll be rolling out an enterprise solution Jan 2017 as well.
Super smart, and fun to create. If looking for more editors I'd love to tackle some projects!
@eddiedaroza hey Eddie! We are hiring, check out the careers section under the help tab :)
Do you help market the videos after you make them?
@sixpeppers we're considering that as an a la carte option but as of today, no. Thanks for asking!💯