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Fabrik is the fastest way on earth for creatives & studios to build beautiful portfolio websites. Intelligent theming, content sampling, simple service connectivity and customisations mean each portfolio is one of a kind. Signup to a complete site in minutes.

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Hi PH, i'm one of three founders of Fabrik. Fabrik is a SaaS-based portfolio platform designed for creatives. Our CMS completely separates project content from website styling, allowing creatives to easily add their work, blog, and build responsive websites without touching any code. Intelligent themes, partnered with layouts and customisation, make each portfolio one of a kind. Our mission is to help creatives (both fresh and experienced) to find a way to get their work out into the world and get noticed - to maintain a solid foundation on which to showcase their portfolios. I'm here to answer any questions.
I know so many designers that never have time to update their portfolios because they're so busy actually working. This is great way to keep an updated, beautiful portfolio with ease. Nice work guys.
@magnasoma looks great ! However as a Behance and ProSite user (more out of laziness than real love for ProSite) I've the following question : what's your promise to get users like me to move from ProSite (or other portfolio services) to Fabrik ? I.E what are your advantages ?
@jpvalery I'm a Behance user too: https://www.behance.net/Magnasoma, and i love the curation side of Behance. For me the promise/goal is twofold; immersion and maintainability. Immersion (and i mean for the viewer, not the portfolio owner) is about allowing your audience to really sink into the work. Each of our themes have several layouts (which allow portfolio owners to choose a different layout type for each project) because the media for each project can be very different, so your images or videos doesn't get compromised by the style of the theme. This means if one of your projects is full of portrait photos perhaps a strip layout (horizontal scrolling) is better than a stacked (vertical scrolling) layout. And again this has knock-on considerations for different screen types. Secondly maintainability (arguably though ProSite has one up on most other portfolio platform's because it's part of Behance). After that urge to get your portfolio up and out there is done a lot of creatives find it cumbersome to update their portfolios - generally it takes a lot of effort to format media or edit the CMS they've chosen. By completely removing the project content from the style of your portfolio site we're aiming to make it as easy as possible to keep your portfolio up to date, and what's more, if you decide you want to try a different theme switch it in a matter of moments without it impacting your work at all. You can play about with Fabrik's themes and customisation as much as you want without breaking your content. What we're doing isn't mission-to-mars-level groundreaking, but were constantly trying to fine-tune the mix to make using and working with Fabrik both enjoyable, and impactful. If you didn't get ProSite as part of a Creative Cloud package would you pay for it? Sorry if that's a bit long, but wanted to give an honest answer.
Thanks Tom. On the label - well, it's more by requirement than anything else. Whilst anyone can indeed be creative (and i'm all for encouraging creativity!), Fabrik aims to address problems that creatives have with building their portfolios - rather than, for example, problems you might have when building e-commerce websites (if you see what i mean).
Thanks for that extensive answer :) I wasn't expecting such a detailed and good one. TBH I use prosite because it's easy to use my Behance project on it. But now that I'm doing more photography, this appears a bit as a limit. And i wouldn't mention the lack of customizability and mobile-friendly feature. Thus, I'm very interested in other solutions. Fabrik looks promising and I'll probably take a deeper look in the upcoming weeks.