Build your UI toolkit for website design

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 02, 2016
@lukeaskew tell us the story here :) As more and more people dive in to how websites are built I see more interest in the toolkits that piece them together.
@bentossell @lukeaskew I wanna learn more as well!
@bentossell Sure thing. I created Fabricator while working at a digital agency building turn-key websites for a particular client. They had pretty well-defined brand standards and patterns, but their code toolkit was horrendous...so I started building my own. Pattern Lab and others existed, but I wanted to learn by building something of my own that fit my own specific needs. The name and metaphors come from the world of manufacturing. I wrote a bit about it in this post: http://dynamit.com/stream/news-a... Over the years the project has evolved after lots of real-world application and lots of community feedback. I currently lead a handful of teams using Fabricator to build design systems for both in-house integration and delivery to an integration partner. I'm planning to release v2 in the next month or two. Lots of new features like plugins, themes, more configurations... more awesome in general.
I wonder are the developers here are aware there is a piece of software long since called phabricator? http://phabricator.org/
@bsmartt13 Yea...naming stuff is hard.