Fabric Vault

Essential financial security for couples and families

Let your spouse know what bank, investment, 401(k), mortgage, life insurance & credit card accounts you have in case the unexpected happens.

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Good morning, Co-Founder of Fabric here. I wanted to introduce you to Fabric Vault, a first-of-its-kind and free new financial security product for couples and parents. We built Fabric Vault to give you and your spouse/partner a quick and secure way to let each other know what checking, savings, investment, 401(k), life insurance, and credit card accounts you have -- in case the unexpected happens. Vault makes it easy to do “that thing you always meant to get done, but never got around to doing.” It's designed to help you and your partner organize important financial information and help protect your family’s financial future. We have been using it here at Fabric, and now we’re excited to share it with you, too! * Must-have info, at your spouse’s fingertips. * 256-bit encryption to protect the transmission and storage of your data. * Free (forever). * Always accessible, and up-to-date. * Automatically links to your free Fabric Will, and Fabric life insurance policy (if you have one). * We make money by selling optional life insurance, where we earn a percentage of premiums. My partner and I had been talking about writing down a list of our financial accounts in case something happened to either of us. We have two little kids and having access to that information would be critical in an emergency. But a paper list would quickly get out of date or lost, and my dresser drawer isn’t all that secure. We built Fabric Vault to help solve this problem. Give it a try! I’d love to hear what you think. Adam Fabric Co-Founder