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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Hemal, PM for Developer Tools @Twitter. We're doubling down our games support and just released Fabric support for Unity which features Crashlytics, Answers, Beta Distribution, integrations into Twitter and MoPub -- would love to hear your thoughts!
@hemal @twitter Hey! As a non-game dev, can you explain more about what this means? Is it that the same tools available for normal apps, can now be used in a game engine? Is unity the most used game engine for mobile apps?
@hemal @twitter Also, would love to know. Are analytics/metrics currently widely used in mobile games? I had the idea that smaller/indie devs didn't make as much use of them (due to difficultly in implementation). Or am I completely wrong? :)
@mscccc @twitter Hey Mike, so glad you asked! Unity is the most trusted game development tool that has the largest marketshare in the mobile gaming ecosystem. With this support, we made it quick and easy for game development teams to integrate Fabric and Twitter services in their Unity developed apps.
@mscccc @twitter analytics are a core part of every mobile app (games included). With Fabric support for Unity, we make it really easy to install the best real-time analytics solution on the market!