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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I especially like Digits. Too may developers are reinventing the contacts list + SMS confirmation signup flow when they should be spending time building the core of their product.
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Ryan Hudson
co-founder, Honey
@rrhoover Absolutely agree on Digits. On the business side, they get a cross-device universal identifier graph for ad targeting. Huge Mopub monetization benefits there, not to mention reliable offline data linking for ad campaign targeting or offline performance attribution.
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Yeah, I don't know either.
@rrhoover I will be using Digits from the second I get that invite. :)
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Danny Espinoza
Founder @looksyvideo
@rrhoover +1 , we're definitely going to be integrating in our next build (considered rolling our own SSO via SMS using Twilio, but all the edge cases made us decide to make a post MVP item -- happy we made this choice now)
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@rrhoover I talked to one of the developers building it. On the short term roadmap (hopefully before EOY) there will be the ability to customize the look & feel beyond just picking the color scheme. That's going to be the driving force for me to use it. Happy to rip out my custom implementation that uses Twilio as soon as this can be done.
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building stuff
@MikeKhristo @rrhoover Digits != Fabric. Digits looks great, but the wrapper (Fabric) is a horrible idea. Package managers exist for exactly this reason, and distributing your library via an IDE-specific managed SDK is absolutely baffling to me. Should have been a package available via Gradle/Cocoapods (as all of the Fabric "kits" should have been) and everyone would have applauded Twitter. Not to mention the headache the Twitter devs have in store maintaining potentially dozens of different IDEs...
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Hemal Shah
Chief of R&D - Root
Hey hunters, Hemal here - I'm part of the Crashlytics team that built Fabric! Feel free to reach out me personally if you have any questions, I'd love to help.
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I'm here at Flight. As an avid Crashlytics user (and now Fabric), there's some very cool stuff happening as these tools converge.
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Tori Bunte
PMM, HPE Storage
"Developers face many of the same challenges day-in and day-out: making their apps reliable, testing before going live, driving downloads, onboarding new users, engaging them, understanding their apps’ growth and monetizing. Each challenge presents a unique set of hurdles. Our passion is building tools that make developers’ lives easier. This is why we’ve built Fabric: a modular, cross-platform mobile development suite that helps you solve any one – or all – of these challenges and build the best apps with the least effort." Fabric has the potential to make (successful) mobile app development + launches far more accessible, and as a non-developer that excites me. Really neat to see Twitter expanding their reach.
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Sal MatteisEx Yahoo / 2X MD Accelerator at SBC
It was about time someone did this. Software is eating software development. congrats @miradu
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