Kits for making your own leather watch straps and wallets

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm one of the founders of Fabnik. We started the company earlier this year to make high end craft accessible to more people. In a nutshell - you can configure your own kit on our site and we use quality materials like American full grain leather and French linen thread. They come with all the specialized tools you need and clear online instructions. This was a passion project for my co-founder Mat and I, so let us know if you have any questions. :)
Way too overpriced.
@datarade When I Mat and I were in Boy Scouts, we both made "stitch your own wallets" that were junk - so we wanted to make kits that resulted in something more like you would get from a real craftsman. So the leather is veg tan and full aniline, and the linen thread is the same used by Hermes. We priced them at about half the cost of a comparable finished product. At 20% off (thank you, PH!) , our thin wallet kit is about $27: http://fabnik.com/collections/pr...