faast 🚀

the fastest way to build a cryptocurrency portfolio

Securing a cryptocurrency portfolio is a pain. That is why we built faa.st!

Think of faa.st as a mix of MyEtherWallet, a crypto exchange, and Bloomberg.

Just connect your hardware wallet, metamask, or other ethereum wallet and let faa.st do the work for you! Swap between 80 different tokens for near-zero fees.

Built by @bitaccess, YC S14

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Hey Product Hunt! Moe, co-founder of faa.st here. Really excited to see what you guys think of our latest product. You can read the story of why we built faa.st on our medium page. Here for an AMA all day if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. https://medium.com/faast/we-buil... (P.S. to the moon)
Very smooth. It would have taken me an hour to create my portfolio of eight assets at an exchange, but it literally took seconds with faast. Any plans to allow more than one portfolio per wallet?
@eugeneotto Thanks! Awesome suggestion. We are working on the dynamics for multiple portfolios now. We are looking into standard ways we can allow people to hold other blockchain tokens as well. Would love your feedback on this Github issue as we work through it! https://github.com/go-faast/faas... Depending on how a wallet is imported complicates a few things. Right now, standard Ethereum wallets only have 1 private key, as opposed to an HD key from which we can derive multiple address. We already published a library to help with HD Ethereum key derivation, but we will need to work with the community on standarization of an HD wallet format. https://www.npmjs.com/package/@f...
Looks super nice! Are you able to exchange USD, etc for cryptocurrencies using Faast?
@begraffic Hey Bandon! Soon. We are working on integrating simple deposit methods to allow you to convert from a local exchange into a faast-portfolio (ex. bitcoin.bitaccess.co - canada, coinbase.com - usa, bity.com - eu). Until then, you still need to deposit Bitcoin/Ether/Tokens yourself. Soon enough there will be reliable stable coins which will make this a lot easier.
Needs more information on the homepage. I'd love to sign up, but just too many questions pop up... Which currencies are supported? How does this work exactly? Are these guys just gonna lose my money... etc
@henrikharju Hey! Thanks for the feedback. We'll be sure to add more basic info as we grow. To answer some of your questions: 1. You can't actually sign up. There are no accounts. Just search your ethereum address and you're off to the races. Here is an example - Bittrex's portfolio (with 1.1B USD): https://faa.st/portfolio#/addres... 2. How does it work? Just like MyEtherWallet, except you can actually swap in between tokens, instead of manually creating transactions and sending them to an exchange 3. Will we lose your money? Well, we don't have your money, so never! This is a client side app, it is 100% open source. It connects to Web3 to send your transactions, similar to MyEtherWallet.
Hey Moe, This looks awesome - as I'm actively trying to better diversify my crypto portfolio. Since I'm an idiot when it comes to crypto, what would the process look like for me to take the Ether I currently have on Coinbase and leverage Faast to diversify my portfolio step-by-step? Thanks, Ben
@benmlevy Hey, great question. It would be really simple: 1. go to https://faa.st/portfolio, select "create a new wallet" 2. Enter a good password, and download your wallet file (don't ever lose these, keep em safe!) 3. The portfolio will show an Ethereum address, just send Ether from coinbase to the address shown in the portfolio (maybe start with a small amount to make sure you're doing it right) 4. You are off to the races, you are now in full control of your money! Also, if you don't already have a hardware wallet, or metamask, I think you should consider getting those set up as you get more comfortable with the ecosystem.
@moeadham That all makes sense! I just gave it a shot and am now waiting for the transfer to go through. Will I receive some type of notification when Faast has successfully received my transfer? How long should this take?
@benmlevy Thanks for giving it a try! We don't yet have notifications since there aren't accounts or email addresses. If you keep the portfolio open, you will notice your balance update in real time. We have been getting reports that Coinbase has been a bit slow to send out Ethers today due to the CryptoKitties madness. Feel free to reach out to support@faa.st if you think anything is taking longer than it should, we will help you figure it out 👍
@moeadham Hey Moe, I've been using FAAST for the past few days and have enjoyed the experience thus far. Sorry if this was already asked, but will you guys be adding more currencies soon? In particular, VertCoin? Thanks - I'll continue using it and expanding my portfolio size! Thanks, Ben