F19n Obtrusive Livetest

Frontend Performance Analysis Tool for Chrome

It's a sandboxed, extendable live-testing chrome extension and framework! It runs pre-defined and custom tests on each page that you visit - collects the whole lifecycle of the pageload (HTTP headers, server response, onload DOM, DOM after complete JS execution, ...) and delivers direct visual feedback.

Love projects like these because most benchmarking and CI tools still mainly look at server-side response times. Those aren't unimportant but by now they are just a tiny contribution to overall user experience when it comes to holistic web app performance. You want to have an understanding of what happens in the frontend orchestra.
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stuff that we currently test (and it's extensible, so it continues to grow) history state update client side rendering fb share count unvailable after meta information cache delivery common mobile setup redirect - canonical chains gzip http link header http2 detection soft 404 status code vary user agent x cache hit x robots http header dom node count dom node depth dom unsecure input linked images without alt text meta viewport nofollow top words rel alternate setup Gooogle Mobile Friendly Test API robots.txt robots.txt page blocked sitemaps blocking scripts first paint Google Page Speed Insights Desktop Google Page Speed Insights Mobile H1 shortlinks open graph description / title / URLs amp implementation brand in title canonical meta description meta googlebot meta robots rel atlernate hareflang multipage check title length URL with/without trailing slach
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hi, i'm the make of this one AMA
ok, then i will ask myself a question: Wow, this app is straight into the face, why? A: because without - visible, direct - feeback everything turns to sh*t! on a webpage there is so much stuff going on behind the hood, in the invisible part (HTTP headers, HTML head, markup, JS execution). This app tests all this stuff and delivers you direct visible feedback. (+ you can whitelist/blacklist when the tests execute, disable it per tab, ....)
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@enzenhofer The first time I used the tool, I was confused which API key I need to add to the config. You could add this link (https://developers.google.com/sp...) somewhere, so it's easier for people to configure.