f0lio Cryptocurrency Portfolio

A beautiful bitcoin & crypto tracker (for iOS and Android)

f0lio is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for iOS and Android with an emphasis on design and usability. Users can track virtually any coin, held on any exchange in any fiat currency.

It’s the ultimate tool to get a clear overview of your holdings and the market in general from one, beautifully designed app

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  • Pros: 

    Very easy to use and has all features needed to manage crypto portfolio


    You can‘t import automatically your portfolio from your wallets, but that’s already in the roadmap

    I have used other apps but none of them contained all features that I needed, so I had to have a few just to monito my portfolio and other coins. With F0lio everything is in a single app and the interface is so much better than anything else.

    I’m looking forward to link the folio with my exchanges api keys so it can update fully automatically.

    Joao Martins has used this product for one day.
  • Jules Piccotti
    Jules PiccottiTechnical manager

    Simple and clear, ease of use


    Limited customization and no alerts

    The app is beautiful, very responsive and absolutely great for basic users. Of all the features that could be added, the one I would definitely psh for is notifications, both price targets (like coinbase app) and trailing % moves (lice CryptoPro)

    Jules Piccotti has used this product for one day.


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Alessio Fabiani
Alessio FabianiMaker@pcalessio
Hi ProductHunt! Alessio from f0lio here! We are excited to show off our design centric, cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application finally available for both iOS and Android platforms. We are two indie developers who created this app in our spare time, but we have huge plans going forward. We want f0lio’s feature set to reflect the community’s needs so if you have any suggestions, feedback, anything really… please don’t hesitate to ask
Nicoletta Donadio
Nicoletta Donadio@nikla88 · Product Designer
I love the design and how easy is to use it. I will recommend it to my friends.
Alessio Fabiani
Alessio FabianiMaker@pcalessio
@nikla88 Thanks Nico :)
Quadri Oshibotu
Quadri Oshibotu@qoshibotu · Product Manager, Connected Lab
Happy to have received a chance to test this app prior to launch. The developers really put thought into the design, f0lio is a pleasure to use. There are some important features lacking however these are in the roadmap and the team continues to give an attentive ear to feedback for improvements. I’m looking forward to future developments 👍🏾
Alessio Fabiani
Alessio FabianiMaker@pcalessio
@qoshibotu Thanks for the feedback and your support Quadri!
Jules Piccotti
Jules Piccotti@julpi · Technical manager
great design and well done overall app, I'm very excited about where this app is going! Any date planned for the api integrations?
Alessio Fabiani
Alessio FabianiMaker@pcalessio
@julpi Thanks for the feedback! We dont have a date yet but we are aiming for a month from now :)
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
This app breathes a sea change from what we're used to. Visually pleasing. Holding my thoughts on the UX for a later date though ie. after testing for a week or two. Best wishes 👍
Alessio Fabiani
Alessio FabianiMaker@pcalessio
@binoyxj Thanks a lot for you kind review Binoy :)
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
@pcalessio How about a similar gesture for quick view of all the added cryptos? https://savee.it/i/yllVn7L/
Alessio Fabiani
Alessio FabianiMaker@pcalessio
@binoyxj Oh wow that is an amazing gesture. @lepunk is going to love it.. thanks man