F =

Inspiration, information and swag for women on the rise

F =, formerly known as Tease and Totes, was founded by tech entrepreneur and author Danielle Newnham and fashion doyenne Natalie Bardega.

Believing in the empowerment of women they created this platform to inspire, motivate and empower women to rise.

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Are you designing the apparel, @daniellenewnham? Shower thought: could be cool to crowdsource designs from a community of women that share your perspective.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan - like it. What we often do now is put some design ideas up on Instagram and run polls which has worked really well thus far. It's a nice advantage of being a small, indie business with a loyal following - means we can get effective feedback quickly and into production
Hello @daniellenewnham you've been up to so much since you first launched Tease and Totes on Product Hunt, please tell us more about how the platform has evolved and what's in store for us fans in 2018. PS - I am obsessed with the F= newsletter 😍, it brings such joy to my inbox and my life 💖
@abadesi Thank you so much 🙏 When we started Tease and Totes, we were just looking to sell t-shirts to make women more visible at tech events. It was a hobby. After attending another male-heavy conference where I saw how men sparked conversations with each other based on their branded startup t-shirts, I went to my sister who worked in fashion and we quickly designed our own range of slogan tops which included Unapologetic, Fearless, A Woman's Place is In the Boardroom, Sister Hood et al but we wanted to do more. We saw how fashion was an amazing medium to spread the word about female empowerment, but we wanted to reach the young women in places our fashion couldn’t - so that’s when we partnered with Worldreader who elevate girls out of poverty in the developing world through education (eBooks). We also wanted to focus significant effort on shining a light on inspirational women, most of which were largely ignored by the press, so we started doing weekly interviews with kickass women. We now have around 300 interviews with inspirational women who are all pushing boundaries in their field, and their valuable lessons and inspiring stories which we share on our social media and in our weekly newsletter drive most of our traffic now. So, in short, what started as a hobby has - in part, due to the political climate - very much shifted gears and become a mission - a platform to inspire and empower women (hence the name change to F = ) to rise up and go after the things that matter to them, whether it’s to start a business or go for Olympic gold. More info here https://www.fequals.com/blogs/ne...