A privacy focused re-size tool

#5 Product of the DayAugust 08, 2019
There are plenty of image resize tools online, but do you really know where your file goes once you upload? With EZResize, you can resize your image and save locally on your hard drive or cloud service - encrypted, private and for your eyes only.
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Hello everyone! I am the creator of EZResize, a simple, privacy focused resize tool. This app will resize your image on the front-end to create a perfect image ratio quality image. On top of that, you will get the benefits of data encryption plus owning your own data. Encryption and data ownership provides the ease to the user regarding any concern of what apps do to your images when you try to resize them. Through Blockstack, EZResize will not have any internal access to your data. Even if we did, the data would be encrypted and unreadable. To use the application, you must create a Blockstack account. Current/Future Features - Currently, services are free up to 5 images. If you would like to add more, a PRO feature is in the works! Future plans could include but not limited to storing zipped files. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to #ownyourdata
I'm liking the drive towards privacy friendly services. Kudos, man-
@james_stramer Yep, same here. Tech companies have grown far too used to stealing data.
@james_stramer Much appreciated! Who would've thought privacy is a privilege these days?
@techrally This is really cool. Question for you: do you have any insight into what many of these resize tool companies do with the original files?
@acfreund That's a great question. To me the lack of clarity made me nervous enough to build an app like this. On top of saving it to your own personal data locker, the data of the image will always be encrypted, adding another layer of security / peace of mind!
@techrally Absolutely. Glad you built it! Now I'm just nervous about what's happening to all the photos I've resized in the past 😬
For the pro feature, are you plan on making it subscription based or one-time pay?
@nathaniel_randall Still a work in progress but when that time comes we will let you know!
@techrally Thanks a lot Alexander. I look forward to checking it out when it is ready. Have a good one!