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Aaand I'm in love. The curation is amazing. Background on the whiskey + tasting notes + buy now button. Has anyone tried the Barterhouse Orphan Barrel 20 year?
@stttories Thanks so much! Really means a lot.
@parkernewman You're welcome. I'm going to buy Christmas presents from Ezra's. And I'll introduce the site to my family after ;)
@stttories Awesome! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help picking some good bottles
I saw some Chicago area distillers in your picks and realized you guys are based in Chicago! Where is the brick and mortar store and what do you have there? Is it just a warehouse or also a showcase? @parkernewman
@eric3000 We are located at 1128 W. Armitage and its a retail store! We sell all of our spirits plus beer and wine. We have @arcadebrewery coming by the store from 6-8 tonight to do a tasting as well! Pumped about their new Coffee Pale Ale.
@parkernewman @eric3000 @arcadebrewery Awesome!! Will have to stop by soon!
@parkernewman name your top 3 picks :)
@rrhoover Thats like asking a father to pick his favorite children! But anyways 1) Few Rrye, craft whiskey of the year (http://ezras.com/products/few-ry...) 2) Balcones Single Malt (http://ezras.com/products/balcon...) Best single malt of the year in 2014 3) Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon (http://ezras.com/products/journe...) Its a wheated whiskey, very sweet and drinks similar to Pappy
@parkernewman How about a single malt rec that's in stock? And how fast is shipping? I may or may not have just placed an order.
@mcadamsmike Hey Mike! Big fan of the FEW Single Malt that we just put up on the site. Alternatively, my other favorite is the Westland Single Malt. We are packing up orders now for the day, so if it goes out today, would probably be 2-3 days to the east cost and 3-4 to the west coast. Thanks!
Thanks everyone for checking us out! Feel free to let us know any feedback and if you are ever looking for specific products. We are always looking for great distillers to bring on!
@RafaelCorrales check this out! site looks great and some really interesting options available.