A new way to find, join & host pickup games near you ⚽📍

We understand it is difficult to find locations to play your favorite sports when you move to a new city. Ezi is a community platform that gives users the power to find, join, and host pickup games nearby.
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Looking for pickup games?
Through our time living in DC, NC, NJ, and NY, we've had trouble finding a place to play pickup games with enough people (who were also my age). So a couple friends and I created a smartphone app to solve that problem. ezi helps you find, join, and host pickup games in your neighborhood. The name ezi is derived from "ezinaụlọ" which means "family" in Igbo. We wholeheartedly believe that “It takes a village” to make something truly special. That's why your feedback is very important to us. Our goal is to create an app for the people, by the people. We just launched in New York City and the surrounding areas.
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