Resize, crop, and edit GIFs in your browser

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This site looks like it was designed in the 90's but it's probably the best in-browser GIF editor I've found. I use it often to crop and resize GIFs.
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Just deleted bookmarks for 5 other gif tools and replaced them with this. Don't let the homepage fool you -- this thing is the (gif) bomb. The feature list is out of control: gif creation, resize, and crop. Optimize in all of the ways: frame removal (3 options), color removal, lossy image compression, etc. Split into frames for fine adjustments. Adjust speed (by frame if you'd like), rotate, or reverse. Add text or an overlay. You get the idea.
@kkdub yep, also super nice for video to gif
Yup. It's super powerful with lots of settings. I've tried a bunch of tools and this was the only one that let me squeeze into Dribbble GIF size limits without sacrificing quality.
Looking forward to using this!
Love the T-Rex jumping rope!