A powerful easy to use file encryption and sharing service.

EZ-N-Secure is an easy to use file encryption service that gives users full control of their data. Through our revolutionary keystore method, you can encrypt files and store or share them anywhere. You can also encrypt files for other EZ-N-Secure users through the contact system. We are offering a 6 month 50% discount, use the code PRODUCTHUNT

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1 Review5.0/5
Great job!! 😊 Could you walkthrough us about the working ?

I feel comfortable storing my bank statements and spread sheets and knowing they are safe. I can e-mail attachments to my accountant & feel confident that they can't be opened by others. In this time when companies look at everything you do, I feel they can't see as much about me.


Easy to use


I have to wait for the MAC version, but I know it is coming.