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Eyezon is a searchable ๐Ÿง on-demand live streaming tool for your phone ๐Ÿ“ฒ. Our goal is providing real-time, custom, peer-to-peer reviews for shopping and lifestyle decisions. We didn't stop there, we're working on a button that will allow our partners to integrate Eyezon with their web platform, bringing our app capabilities to online shops.

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Thank you for you feedback young padawan
The branding is intriguing although truthfully, it's a bit unclear to me how the app works based on the landing page. Is it a way to ask people to share a photo from a specific location, @david_vilchinski1?
@rrhoover Yes, you can. Once you download the app, you can try searching for said photo and/or location in our Smart Search. If nothing pops up, you could swipe over to our Global Community Map, click that + button and type out your request. Strangers (Users) in the vicinity of your request can see your request (push notification) and reply either with photo, video, audio message and/or LIVE stream if you request it.
@david_vilchinski1 @rrhoover Wow. We've spent half an hour deciding who would try answering your question)) Frankly speaking, we were totally unprepared today for any feedbacks, so there was no volonteers and it had to be me - the worst explainer among us)) Sorry for that, I'll do my best though.) Eyezon is the app that turns live streaming into a on demand experience, by using AI to match those who can share their eyes with those who need those eyes seamlessly and instantly. The app indeed allows users to make their pic/stories that they share in SM searchable in Eyezon app by location, available information about the place where they're at, content of the pic/story (using computer vision) and any tags that they've used. We call this shared pic/story - a Glance. Because in Eyezon it's about giving people a useful peek into what you see and could show more of, rather than making a personal show out of it.) So when a user needs a live stream/pics/audio/text info about specific thing in a specific place, he or she just searches for it in his natural language, and the app shows all of the glances that are relevant to that search entry. And it is always only the glance who's author is still there, at the place from where it was created and shared. Then you just hit the request button and all authors get a push with your question in a request for giving you short live stream/photo/audio/text report from there. The rest of the interaction happens in a newly created channel, pretty much "Telegram-like" experience. Within live stream session you can of course type some more questions, reactions, draw on screen to navigate your streamer to what you're interested to see in specific, etc. All streamers get inscentivized for their live streams in form of points that are mined per each request they answer. Within the app there is a store with discount coupons from variety if vendors that you can purchase for there repoints instantly. Any user, including businesses, can use the app to leave glances and answer their potential customer's questions live. So, if you i.e. ask the app to show you some specific plate at midpriced steak restaurants nearby, search result would show you glances from exactly those places, and with a press of one button you can push request(s) with your specific question in them, for people there to answer it. When they do, they earn points that they can ideally spend in the same place for discounts/freebies/whatever vendor submitted, or somewhere near. You get to see if there are any good tables left in a restaurant, what's the atmosphere at the club, or how that Airbnb's bathroom really looks like, see the product that you want to buy in a store nearby, etc. Obviously, for such a concept to work in reality, one would need a huge traction and fast, in a narrow geography as well. And we have no illueions that we can pull that out with zero money that we have. So, at this very moment, we are testing the embeddable SaaS solution, for e-commerce in general. Eyezon as an "embeddable button" works with any product or service page, is easily programmed by the vendor (connecting to it employees, partners, loyal customers) to push the request/question to those who can best answer the question. Our "AI" (yeah, well, everyone has one these days:) understands the nature of the question - place from where question was made, place to which it refferes, is the question about price, or more details about the product itself, or delicery, other services - and distributes the request to relevant streamers from the vendor's website/webapp page . They stream from their Eyezon app and customer watches and interacts from vendors website/web app in a pop-up window. We are testing this now with couple of small e-commerce sites/apps locally and shaping it a bit untill end if December. Then we roll it out, start selling it and, well, see what happens) There's another way to put it though.. it's a Periscope, turned upside down, with the experience driven by user's quests for specific streams rather than by those who just have to go on air for any reason. Or a bit more meaningful Instagram, where you go on air meaningfully, for one or more users that actually need that piece of content. Or live stream centric version of Quora, or Reddit. Or social media version of Google Maps, where it's actually fun to update information for those in need of it. It's kind of a sandbox for any live content sharing experience that is driven by the demand rather than the supply. An attempt to explore introducing some ecology to our social content sharing and consumption;) So, we're still exploring our ways in with it, while building and testing different things. Any thoughts, criticism or suggestions would be highly appreciated!
@rrhoover @david_vilchinski1 And thank you huge for the compliment on design and branding!!! Thanks a million for your feedback, it really means a lot to us! Our CDO Vlad is drunk already I think)) And we're working on our landing page to make things more clear.
I still donโ€™t understand what your app does. What problem is it trying to solve?
@amirp The problem is that most of today's LIVE videos, all social content, like photos, and videos that are shared online with the public are meaningless to a lot of the people out there. What we are offering, is a tool which makes LIVE streaming and/or shared megabytes of content more meaningful and informative, for both, everyday average joe and businesses alike by offering a unique tool to live-stream to potential buyers/users on-demand. In a nutshell, on-demand reviews and lifestyle decisions made human with LIVE video streams.
@amirp We take it a step further by including big e-commerce players (still working on getting them to include themselves with us ;)) Eyezon offers a revolutionary live-streaming experience, which seamlessly connects potential buyers directly from the e-commerce platform with...
@amirp What it does: Allows users to find those who can answer their questions about places, events and topics in real time, based on what and where people just posted in SM. You just ask in your natural language and app shows you relevant to your questions content from relevant to your question places made by people who are still there and can give you live review. Once you find them, you just press a request button and your question is pushed to them to answer by live stream, audio, pics or text. We use natural language processing, computer vision and geo data to connect seamlessly and instantly those who look for a sneak peek with those who can sneak a peek. It's, basically, about taking social content monitoring from exclusive social media marketologist's tool to a tool for the end social media users, pump it up with AI and make it available to the end user to look for and get live streamed information by crowdsourcing it from anyone who is right now capable to provide it. What problem does it solve: Currently the only way to get relevant information about places, events, products and services in real time - is the information that you can find in maps, customer reviews or q&a services. None of them gives you the real time feedback and rarely answers your specific questions imediately. Not to mention the problem of biased and payed reviews. With Eyezon you crowdsource professional, prosumer and common customer reviews on your demand. Giving streams on demand is inscentivized and brings imediate reward to those who do it. Imagine you are about to buy a product on any ecommerce site or offline store, or book a table in a restaurant, or deciding whether you go or not to a specific ongoing event. You just ask your question and the app seamlessly distributes it to relevant specialist (sales guy), customer who already bought the product, person who is there on the spot - and they give you short feedback answering your question. Using live stream, pics, audio or text. This functionality is made easily embeddable in any ecommerce site/app, beside the Eyezon standalone app as well. I hope this brings some clarity.
Thanks for the context, @dragorad_knezi & @david_vilchinski1 My recommendation is to make your value prop short and clear. i.e: "Want to know if it's a good day to Ski? Eyezon can answer that for you accurately and in real-time".
What's the current user base? (number). Cheers.
@lyondhur Dramatically close to zero) 1000+ of mobile app users to be more precise, we're in beta test right now, not having any promotion yet. When it comes to e-commerce - we are launching the test with several small sites during January-April 2019, expecting to get around 5-10 000+ of service users through partnered e-shops monthly, and around 1000+ of mobile app monthly downloads in the test period. If all goes well we roll out in April, with full scale app promotion and (just very hopefully) few dozens of medium to large e-commerce players (Russia & CIS focus for Q1 and Q2 at least), because we're stationed here right now and, as you might've figured out already... it still takes a lot of explaining and convincing to sell it;) We will update here on how exactly terribly wrong we were about this thing sometime in March. Cheers.
@dragorad_knezi great. Cheers for the thorough and opened response. Best of luck.