eyeson for Slack

#1 Videomeeting Rooms - now in Slack

eyeson video meetings guarantee you an easy handling and ensure excellent HD video & audio quality. You can start online meetings with up to 100 people without losing quality.

– HD video meeting quality

– Host & join video conferences with up to 100 people

– Record your meetings and download them

– Stay connected through mobile and desktop

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Wow, so great to be here on Product Hunt with “eyeson fo Slack”. Thanks for hunting @kwdinc and hello to all hunters here on Product Hunt. “eyeson for Slack” is a well-designed integration of our smart high-end video conferencing platform in Slack. You can start video conferencing directly within your Slack channel by just typing /eyeson . Our smart solution allows real-time video conferencing for up to 9 presenters and 100 viewers in the eyeson room. Besides video conferencing, eyeson helps collaborating with live screen casting, smart slide presentation, built-in chat and video recording. And the icing on the cake is our brand-new feature live streaming to YouTube! If you are interested in the story behind eyeson, read it in our blog: https://www.eyeson.team/the-stor... Give it a go and let us know what you think! Andreas
@kwdinc @andreaskroepfl what's the use case you're targeting for this? I'm struggling to think of when I would want to spontaneously start a video conference for more people than Slack Video supports?
Thanks @samrye_enspiral for your feedback. Actually there are a lot of really large slack teams, with more than 1000 members, i.e. botscamp. And due to our very special technology, all videos are merged into one stream. So, the video- and audio quality with eyeson for Slack is always high regardless of the bandwidth and the number of participants. Another great thing is that you can not only share your screen but also present files. These files are being automatically stored in your slack channel. So, all team members stay informed, even those who haven’t been able to join the meeting. You can even live stream your meeting to YouTube!
Hi @samrye_enspiral, I am the founder of #botscamp, happy to answer any questions how we made our conference all in #slack thanks to @andreaskroepfl and team - we are very happy with the integration, no registrations required, all within our online community with >1250 members. Best, Thomas
Wow, this is great! So easy to use, no installation necessary! I love it!
I've been using eyeson for Slack with my team for a while now. It works really great and is very fast. We love especially the presentation feature and the storing of our slides in our Slack channel.
@andreaskroepfl We're about to host few YouTube lives and this seems to be the perfect tool for collaborating with remote speakers.
@andreaskroepfl @risiofficial you can try for free online - find out more here: https://help.eyeson.team/eyeson-... find out more how to use the youtube live streaming features: https://help.eyeson.team/eyeson-... if you have any questions or if you want to schedule a live demo please contact us (support chat on our websites or by E-mail) best regards Peter