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A pleasure, to be here on Product Hunt with eyeson! Thanks for hunting @kriebernegg and a warm hello to all Hunters here on Product Hunt! Online collaboration is a hot topic in economy nowadays. However, most teams lack in efficient communication, which is yet a crucial success factor in every enterprise. Our goal is to enhance online collaboration through the power of the web and mobile application integration. Therefore, we are thrilled to present eyeson! eyeson is a smart high-end video conferencing platform, enabling users to easily meet and collaborate with their team mates. In eyeson rooms up to 9 people can be seen on screen and up to 100 participants can join in online collaboration, benefiting from multi-modal features such as screen casting, slide presentation, chat and data synchronization. We already integrated eyeson into well-established tools of collaboration such as Slack and Dropbox. Within the next weeks it will as well be integrated in Hipchat. But we also provide a powerful API, ready for you to integrate in your own web application. We are currently working on new features and integrations – so keep looking forward :) www.eyeson.team Of course, there is a special deal only for you guys! For all “Hunters” we extend the free trial to 90 day until Friday, 7.4.2017. If you are interested in the story behind eyeson, read it in our Blog: https://eyeson.team/the-story-of... I’m really looking forward to your feedback! Just let us know in the comments or write us your feedback or questions at feedback@eyeson.team. All the Best, Andreas
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Hey Hunters! Are you working in an international team? Are you working from home or your team is spread over different places? Then eyeson might be something for you! eyeson is a great conferencing platform enabling you to collaborate with your team face-to-face in online meeting rooms. It is really easy to get your conversation running and supports you with helpful features like a smart slide presentation, integrated chat and screen casting. What’s even great is that eyeson is already integrated in collaboration tools such as Slack and Dropbox. It is also incredibly fast and video as well as audio quality is even good with low bandwidth. But I think @andreaskroepfl can tell you more :)
This looks well thought out and executed. How is the product different from appear.in or google meet?
@andreasduess All videos are in one stream (single-stream-technology) which is distributed to all participants the same way. Our single stream technology allows up to 9 people in a conference while a client has always only a p2p connection. Another great thing is that my PDF presentations are shown outside the video as separate feature, so also people with low bandwidth have a clear and high quality synchronized slide presentation. Of course screencasting is available as well.
@peterma66340021 single stream is clever. Thanks for the clarification.
Looks promising, I like that kind of tools! 1) But what are differences compared to Skype, GotoMeeting or WebEx? 2) where and how long will the recordings be saved? 3) can you invite FB or whatsApp Groups as well? probably per invite Link?
@peter_basili Thank you! 1. It's the Single Stream Technology (SST) - the required bandwidth for each connected client is regardless of the number of room-participants. So clients can even participate using limited bandwidth-connections! 2. The recording files will be deleted automatically after 14 days, but participants can download the recording files and i.e. publish them on their own YouTube-channel. 3. Yes: there is an invitation-link for every meeting, you can share it in all your social media channels.