Sick of having to buy a complete eyeshadow palette for the three shades you actually want? Then get creative with the Lethal Cosmetics palette designer and create the palette that is 100% you. For a limited time only: 30% discount on orders of 12 eyeshadows.
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Maybe you could create a few presets like warm, cool, and natural. That way it'll give the user a feel what colors are out there and customize what colors doesn't work for them. Some people don't know what they want, but once they see a "theme" they'll click on it and switch out any color they dislike. So it would be awesome if down the road you include presets for people that aren't sure what palette to start with, but then customize it afterwards.
Hi, Kai here, one of the founders of Lethal Cosmetics. We are an indie makeup brand from Berlin, Germany where we design and produce all of our products in-house. We recently launched the palette designer to empower our customers to get creative, experiment with different color schemes and to get exactly what they want without over-paying. We hope you enjoy designing your own custom palettes and are excited for your feedback!