Eyes On Freight

Global logistics marketplace

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Eyes On Freight is a “matching” platform for the logistics and supply chain industry. Hundreds of shippers, freight and supply chain companies use them to move goods around the world.
Good morning!! I'm Chris, one of the co-founders of Eyes On Freight. We know logistics is an exciting market to be in right now especially with tech! Looking forward to hearing your questions/feedback! Cheers, Chris
@cnyenhuis Hi Chris - Love the platform - !
Really like the idea, disrupting a massive market that desperately needs solutions like this. Pretty cool
@nicholasjcooper Thanks Nicholas! Appreciate the support!
About time someone disrupted the $4 Trillion market being dominated by the big 4 companies. Great idea!
@aaaisms Thanks Anurag! We appreciate the support!
way to tackle a huge industry. we need more products like this. kudos.
@gmiinko Thanks so much for the great support! We really appreciate it!!