The coolest way to get your IP address
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Hello World, This is our second PH launch 🚀The community is so helpful, that it motivates us in creating new products. Here is, the coolest way to get your IP. 😎Minimal Design 🙅No Ads 👩‍💻Developer Friendly 1️⃣Single Purpose
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@lakshmantgld Hey, kudos for your second launch on PH. Could you share the dev docs?
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@themohitmadan Thank you Mohit! We get the IP's location data from
Love it! Can you share a little bit on how did you make it happen? :)
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@tsehori Glad, you liked it. So, here is the tech stack: 🌐IP and its location by 🗺️Map by Google Map & styled by 💻Frontend - Vanilla JS & Backend - AWS Lambda
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@tsehori @lakshmantgld What are you doing in the AWS back end? Couldn't this be fully static?
@tsehori @transmissions_0001 Most of the IP Geolocation API's do not expose in `https` in their free plan. So had to come up with AWS Lambda which will invoke the http API and serve the response to the static website in `https`. Hopefully, when people love it and we get more hits everyday, then we will upgrade to the paid plan and eventually remove the AWS Lambda.
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@tsehori @lakshmantgld Ah, I've done the same with many of my projects lmao! Here's an upvote for the clever solution ;)
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@lakshmantgld provides https endpoints for free users. It provides 30K/month requests in its free plan. It has relatively better accuracy than IPStack and its paid plans are more economical than IPStack.
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Cool product. Only that it identified my location wrongly - in a totally different state. Heading to IPstack got the state right but the location wrong still. IP address is still correct though.
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@clarencewee Ah! I am working on it. So Ipstack gives region & city. Have to concatenate both. Thanks for the heads up!
@lakshmantgld @sureshmurali29 Mass keetiteenga! Nice to see namma oor makkal topping on PH!
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Great work! Sometimes even if it's a repeat of what already exists even a little bit of lipstick does wonders for me. I would love to see a proper Favorites icon and Touch Bar Icon (both Mac) so it can look pretty in my Favorites.
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Thank you @onelargetea for checking it out. What you said was exactly running in our minds, when we started working on We will work on a sleek favorite & touch bar icon :)
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@onelargetea As you wished, we updated fav & touch bar icon. Hope you like it 😀