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#1 Product of the DayMay 22, 2019
Convert trials into churn-resistant customers and help them be self-organised inside your product.
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Thanks Chris Messina for hunting us 🙌 Hey product hunt! Today we are launching Eyelet in open beta and it means 2 things: 1. It’s absolutely free to use up to August 1, 2019 2. As Linus Torvalds wrote: «I’d like any feedback on things you like/dislike… Any suggestions are welcome, but I won’t promise I’ll implement it :-)» Within the current version we implemented the following approach to customer onboarding: 🤖 Find out user needs. Eyelet allows you to create bot qualification/segmentation to be used as a pre-stage of your customer onboarding. 📋 Personalise user experience. We made a checklist which dynamically adapts to every user with their team roles and qualification in mind. 🧶 Simplify the experience of interacting with a new functionality of your product. To do this, we made interactive product tours. Live demo: https://eyelet.io/playground/get... They also can be configured flexibly. 📍 Automate this process. Eyelet does everything automatically, organising the onboarding process as if it was Trello for your customers.
@vova_tereschenko I like this starts cheap, but I'd reduce the # of pricing options there's over 20 possibilities between the two plans and the # of user tiers.
@mike_seekwell Yep, we're still thinking about the pricing. I agree that it's a little bit complicated to calculate in advance. We'll study the reaction to pricing over the next months to make it more understandable and maybe less variable.
Very cool product that will help to save time when working on onboardoing. I just have couple of small functional notes: 1. It will be great to have a chance to upload a GIF/Image/Video directly rather than submitting a URL 2. When I'm trying to make the image larger it will be better to have it via scale rather then clicking the + button over and over again
@araks_nalbandyan Good remarks! Yep, we'll fix them soon.
Hey, this is definitely what we are looking for! Thanks for sharing. Do you have (or plan) an integration with any third-party analytics tools?
@nedudi Good question. Yep! For now we have GA integration. Also we're thinking about Mixpanel/Amplitude integrations (if somebody needs them). Also you can integrate Eyelet with Zapier to collect some stats on segments/attributes.
@nedudi @vova_tereschenko Do you have the integration with segment.com?