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Description - lifted from the app store description. EyeFitU is your trusted, invaluable fashion companion and the only app that lets you shop in your size. To do this we work with hundreds of leading fashion brands and online stores worldwide to match you with their size charts so that you always get the right fit. EyeFitU is your size tracker for knowing your size across hundreds of fashion brands Trust our recommendations and set your preferred fit Select your favourite brands and create your personal store Create profiles for you and your loved ones and build wish lists to make gifting easy Imagine if size wasn't an issue when you shop! You could pick the clothes you want without ever worrying about disappointments, returns or changing rooms. EyeFitU brings your favorite brands in one place and enables you to shop with confidence and discover fashion in your size. Be Inspired. Focus on Fashion that is always in your size.
@hunterdoug Such a cool idea!! Great job guys :)
@louise_croft The team over at EyeFitU have been working hard to get this together, so much data! Thanks for liking!
@hunterdoug great idea - I guess it's aimed more at women, where clothing sizes tend to be more variable? I'm curious how you input your size in the first place - e.g. "I'm a brand X size 12", or do you need a tape measure/will the app take your measurements for you somehow?
@edmoyse It takes a little bit of bedding in, but if you know you are a 38 waist in Adidas tracksuits when you are in full rave getup, the app learns that and when you are then looking at new Edwin jeans, say, it will know that you have a certain waste and recommend the nearest fit for that brand. Initially, a tape measure won't harm. The more you shop and the more data it gleans, the better.