The intuitive picture phonebook

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"Eyecon is a new dialer and caller ID mobile app. We automatically sync your address book with photos and provide names and photos for unknown callers. We also use intuitive smart logic to order your contacts, offer a tool to check the availability of your contacts before you call, connect with all your favorite messaging and social apps, and come in 30+ themes. We also just launched spam protection."
@nikkielizdemere how is it different from truecaller?
@nikkielizdemere thanks for pinging me.
Hi Product Hunt community and thanks @nikkielizdemere for hunting us. We are excited to be launching in Product Hunt and look forward to your feedback!
@sarabcole how is it different from truecaller
@b4any1ls great question! Here are some differences: Eyecon -Full caller ID and contacts photos -Accurate name caller ID -Quick & intuitive dialer -All in one app to connect with messaging and social apps -"Can you talk” feature to check contacts availability Truecaller -No photos in caller Id -Partial names in caller ID -Basic dialer -Call + SMS connectivity - Can check if a user is on a call with another Truecaller user but not their availability
@sarabcole the app doesn't work without giving access to my contacts. Why is that. Also wants to know if the app collects all my contacts and sends it to your server.
I've been using Eyecon for a bit now and it's found better names and photos than when I was using Truecaller (and doesn't show any ads).
@robertnachum7 Thanks! Happy you are enjoying our app :)
Cool will have to try it on both platforms, Android is a plus!
@androidlove thanks! Looking forward to hearing what you think. The dialer works pretty similarly on both platforms, but caller ID is only available on Android.
Cool app! Great for people who are more visually inclined (most of us, I guess). Where do you source the profile images from?
@mdavep Thanks for the feedback! Images are sourced from our databases and public social media data
@sarabcole very cool. might be a good idea to give user control of the default - business users might prefer linkedin, teenager might prefer twitter - etc. Good luck!
@mdavep That is a cool idea! Currently, users can change the photos that we automatically assign either by uploading their own or choosing one of the alternate photos that we found for them.