Exty Switchy is a chrome extension which helps users to control other chrome extensions from one place.

- Fast Search Feature.

- Turn off and delete extensions easily.

- Only Turn on the ones you use.

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Anurag El Dorado
Student @ IIIT Allahabad
Hey Product Hunters! It was always a headache to enable/disable chrome extensions. Users had to navigate to a new page, and it takes atleast 5 clicks to toggle an extension. With this new extension, users can just enable disable the extensions with 2 clicks, and do not lose track of the page they are on or the work they are doing. Hope Exty-switchy will boost your productivity!
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jake duncan ☕️
two-way dual-language bilingual educator
I see this was last updated in November of 2016. Any plans for an update or new features. I currently use Extensity for this and am wondering why I should switch to Exty.
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